Welcome to the world of KIMMY'S! we are glad you're here! Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $125!
Welcome to the world of KIMMY'S! we are glad you're here! Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $125!
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About Us

Hey girl, HEY! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website. You may not realize it, but just by being here, you support a small business and a BIG dream, and it means the world to me!

I’m Kimmy (hence the name: Kimmy’s Boutique - I know, I am so original). I've always been passionate about unique, bold, yet classic, good quality clothing, and pink. LOTS of pink. (You can thank my Grandma Ann for that obsession.) 

Growing up, on the weekends, our go-to plans were pretty much always: SHOP. Clothing was always and still is the number one way I express myself. Date with a new boy? New outfit was a must. Interview at Dippin’ Dots? New outfit was a must. Best friend’s birthday dinner? New outfit was a must. I love the confidence one can gain from a well-fitting top or the perfect dress.

Throughout my undergrad years, I always fought a long-time dream of owning a clothing store (which, by the way, had nothing to do with my major). 

Fast-forward to my senior year in college, and I just couldn't take it anymore. Even though I didn’t have much experience, capital, or credit history, I went ahead and decided to claim the shopkimmys.com domain and create the @shopkimmys Instagram, FB page, and give this thing a try online. 

Little did I know what an undertaking it would be! I hand-delivered orders in my hometown of Galveston, did pop-ups, and got by filling my passion with a couple of online orders.

Post-graduation, I held two different full-time job titles my heart was not invested in: Banker and Teacher. All the while day-dreaming about Kimmy’s and still doing pop ups on the weekends. 

It was also at this time that I started dating my dream boy and future business partner (definitely didn’t see my coach and hunter boy being such a huge part of my women’s boutique!), who told me, “Do Kimmy’s full-time, or let it go.” When we got married, I chose the first option. 

Once I began to focus on the boutique full time, we gained more online traffic, opened a storefront, created a FB group, and now we have another storefront and a mobile app! 

We hope we make it fun and easy for you to shop and find that perfect outfit! 

If you are ever not satisfied, please allow me to make it right for you! Shoot me an email at:

Because I really do care! Thank you again for being here, and remember - shopping small is a lifestyle and feeds the direct economy you live in! 

See you soon in that cute new outfit, girl!